About us

In the 1990’s, a group of local Flamborough residents decided it would be good for the local community to try and provide a bowling green, in the village. The idea was to provide a facility, open to all, where not only could “gentle exercise” take place but also where people could meet socially and friendships could be developed.

A site was found and plans drawn up to provide the necessary facilities. Unfortunately, there was objection to the use of the site and following a legal case brought under the 1795 Flamborough Enclosure Act the site had to be abandoned. The will of those attempting to establish the club was not to be deterred, and thanks to the generosity of the now club president, Don Frear and his late wife, Mable, a new site in their paddock was identified.

Following a number of years of further fund raising by the members, the club finally opened in 1999 with an initial membership of over 100, sadly this has decreased over the years to the present day 38.
Although membership has fallen there has been a slight increase this year. The club remains open to all, members and non-members alike. During the summer season visitors to the village often stop for a while and watch. On several occasions they have taken advantage of members invitations to “have a go.” All have said how much they enjoyed the experience and how they didn’t realise it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

In addition to league matches, the club hold several friendly matches with other clubs. This allows those who do not play in the league matches, the opportunity to take part in competition without the stress or anxiety. These matches are very much looked forward to and the friendship of both teams is plain to see. The club facilities are maintained entirely by the membership and friends with specialist trades only being employed when required.

In summary the club is all about friendship and unity. It is open to all, without exception, who wish to join or if not join just use the facilities whenever they desire takes them. Footwear and equipment is available so they do not have the expense to worry about.
All in all we believe we provide a small but valuable benefit for those in the community, who wish to take advantage and join in, in a friendly and relaxing environment.